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Dep. Akihabara Station Gourd Lamp Crafting Experience & Mashiko Sankokan Museum

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Tour Type

Specific Tour

Group Size

8 people


English, Japanese


  Dep. Akihabara Station

  Time period:2020/04/04-2020/11/30

  Operating days:Sun・Tue・Wed・Thu・Sat

Meal:Lunch included

  If you have any foods that you can’t eat due to religious or allergy reasons, please contact us in advance using the inquiry form.

 Reservation Deadline/2days before tour (0:00)

Reservation online can be done from 6 months to 2 days in advance. If you want to reservate further in advance or on the day before, please use the inquiry form to contact us directly.

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How to find the Akihabara Bus Station

How to find the Akihabara Bus Station
Please use the bus headed to Mashiko Station that departs at 8:20 AM.

Since there is no reception staff at the Akihabara Bus Station, please show your reservation paper to the bus driver in advance and sit down in the designated area.

This bus will definitely depart at 8:20 AM, so please be sure to get on the bus in time.

The last stop of this Highway Bus is Mashiko Station.
The last stop of this Highway Bus is Mashiko Station.

The last stop of this Highway Bus is Mashiko Station. You will pass 8 bus stops on the way, but please don't get off beforehand. The bus usually arrives Mashiko Station around 10:30 AM. After you have arrived, please come to the MASHIKO Countryside Tours Information Desk in the Mashiko Station building.

Hamada Shouji Memorial Sankokan Museum
Hamada Shouji Memorial Sankokan Museum

Hamada Shouji Memorial Sankokan Museum
Hamada Shouji, marked as a living national treasure for pottery in Mashiko, collected pottery from all around the world during his lifetime. Mashiko Sankokan still displays these about 2000 works of art for exhibition every season. Hamada Shouji used these works to refer to his own line of work... since you will also have a crafting experience this afternoon, we hope you also feel inspired!

Café & Restaurant ERIKA
Café & Restaurant ERIKA

Café & Restaurant ERIKA
ERIKA's Katsu (pork cutlet) sandwich is soft and juicy - and very popular in all of Mashiko! Enjoy it with ERIKA's special coffee that is made with a siphon coffee maker.

Craft Experience
Craft Experience

Craft Experience
Even if you make a Gourd Lamp for the first time, it will be a fun experience. The teacher will guide you through step by step while our Tour Guide will help with the translation, so please enjoy your experience!

The Gourd Lamp that you have produced yourself is yours to take home
The Gourd Lamp that you have produced yourself is yours to take home

The Gourd Lamp that you have produced yourself is yours to take home with you as a souvenir - so you will always have a memory of your trip to Mashiko!

Free time
Free time

Free timeThe half hour that is left at the end of our course, you can use to buy souvenirs on the pottery street in Mashiko.

The Bus Station of Tougei Messe will be our destination point.

The Bus Station of Tougei Messe will be our destination point. The Akihabara Highway Bus and Utsunomiya Bus as well as the Mashiko Station Bus on the other side will be departing from between 16:05 to 16:30. If you plan to go back to Akihabara, please be on time. For customers who plan to stay overnight in Mashiko, we offer a free transfer service to their chosen accommodation.


  • Tour Guide (English・Japanese)
  • Bus fee during the tour
  • Entrance fee for Mashiko Sankokan
  • Lunch
  • Fee for Gourd Lamp Craft Experience
  • Injury compensation
  • Water to drink

Tour's Location

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Q: Can I participate in a tour together with my children?
A: Although it is possible to participate in the tour, for children under the age of 9 it is very difficult to experience the crafting on their own. If you want your child to participate, you will have to accompany them.
If you are especially worried about small children or infants, please feel free to contact us in advance.

Q: Is there a parking lot nearby?
A: There is a free parking lot at Mashiko Station and one at Mashiko Farm Desk.

Q: How do I make a reservation?
A: You can use the application form on this site.

Q: What happens if it rains?
A: Even if it’s raining, Crafting Experience will still be held. In case of extreme weather conditions, we may decide to cancel, but will contact you in advance.

Q: Is there a cancellation fee?
A: We are sad about your decision to cancel. If you cancel your reservation before the day of the tour up until 17:00, there will be no cancellation fee. After that, a cancellation fee will be charged. Please refer to the cancellation policy for details.
Cancellation policy

Q: Can I join the tour later? Can I stop being part of the tour earlier?
A: There are some cases where it is possible. Please contact us in these instances.

Q: I have never crafted anything before, will I still be able to participate?
A: Of course! You will be taught by an expert and walked through the process step by step. Please don’t worry and just enjoy!

Q: Can I take home the thing that I crafted?
A: You can take it home with you right after the crafting experience is over. Please consider it as a souvenir that will always remind you of your trip to Mashiko!

Q: What kind of clothes should I wear?
A: Please dress according to season. Comfortable shoes like sneakers are recommended.
During the hot summer, you are advised to bring hats, sunglasses and a towel. If you have clothes that are quick-drying, sweat will not make you feel uncomfortable.
In cold weather, please bring warm clothing such as gloves and knit hats, as well as windbreakers and fleece jackets.

Q: Can I do some shopping during the tour?
A: There will be a free time period at the end of the tour where you can freely enjoy buying souvenirs.

Q: Is there a place to store my luggage?
A: We will keep it at the MASHIKO Countryside Tours reception desk.

Q: Can I also take part in a tour on my own?
A: Of course! Please feel welcome to join. However, please note that tours will be cancelled if there are no other applicants since the crafting experience needs at least 2 people to participate in order to take place.

Q: Are there bathroom breaks during the tour?
A: Naturally we will make bathroom stops during the tour. Please inform your tour guide in case you need an extra bathroom break before it’s too late.

Q: I am allergic to … / My religion forbids me to eat …
A: If you have any foods that you can’t eat, for allergy or religious reasons, please contact us in advance via the inquiry form. We will respond as soon as we can.

Q: Is insurance included?
A: We have an accident insurance based on the law. The insurance fee for that is included in the tour price.

Q: How do I pay?
A: When applying from the web, online payment will be made at the same time as the reservation. Please pay by credit card according to the online payment procedure displayed on the screen.
* If you cannot make a reservation online, please contact us directly. The only cards that can be used are VISA or MASTER CARD.

Q: The payment doesn’t work.
A: Please check again if your card is either VISA or MASTER CARD. If you can’t conclude the payment for other reasons, please contact us directly.
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from ¥13800

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