There is a Highway Bus from JR Akihabara Station named “Kantô Yakimono Liner” (eng: Kantô Pottery Liner) operated by Ibaraki Kôtsû Bus.

From Akihabara the bus will first take the Highway without any stops in between.After that, the bus will use the general road and stop at 8 stops.

The last stop is Mashiko Station.

On the bus you have access to a toilet and free wifi.

1 )   After you arrive at Akihabara Station, head for the Central Gate and then turn left.

2) After exiting the ticket gate, please go to the left.

3) There will be a crosswalk visible to your left, please cross it.

4) While crossing the crosswalk, you can already see the “Kantô Yakimono Liner” to your left.This is the Bus Station for the Highway Bus bound for Mashiko Station operated by Ibaraki Kôtsû Bus.

Akihabara Station Dep. Timetable (2½hours to Mashiko)

Hour 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 17 18
Mo-Fr Minute 20 / / / / / / 10 0 0 / 40
Sat Sun Holidays Minute 20 / / / / / / 10 0 0 45 40

5) ①The destination is written on the surface of the bus (the japanese characters for Mashiko are 益子).

If you haven’t made a reservation, you can chose one of the free seats available.

If you have made a reservation, show the driver your reservation information.

They will tell you where your seat is located. Customers who bought the course not including the Highway Bus ticket have to pay the ticket when getting off the bus at Mashiko Station.From Akihabara Station to Mashiko Station one way 2150¥ / two-pack ticket 3800¥.If you are going back and forth, it’s better to purchase a two-pack ticket. The ticket can be used by one person going back and forth or two persons one way.

The two-pack ticket can be used up until the 31st of March until the following year.Children unter 12 years one way 1080¥ / one two-pack ticket can be used for 2 children (infants who don’t need a seat can ride for free).

6) Since Akihabara is the first station, the bus will depart on time.It will first pass the streets full of buildings in Tokyo.

7) You will then pass and cross over the rivers Arakawa and Tonekawa before you go on to head north.

8) After a little time, the spacious Kantô plain will expand.

*Japan is about 75% mountain land, but the Kantô plain makes up 5% of the country and is therefore the countrys largest plain land.

9) Driving further, as soon as you will be able to see the mountains,the largest ceramics area in the Kantô region, Kasama and Mashiko, are soon to come.

*These places flourished as a ceramics industry thanks to the environment, because of the natural clay used for pottery, slopes required for climbing kilns and red pine used as fuel.

10) Before you arrive at Mashiko, there will be 5 bus stops in the Kasama area first.

11) After that, you will pass the bus stop in front of the Mogi Sakagawa Store.

12) After entering Mashiko Town, there will be a bus stop on the pottery street in front of the Tougei Messe entrance.

13) Please get off at the last stop, Mashiko Station (Mashiko Eki).

Customers who bought the course not including the Highway Bus ticket have to pay the ticket fee when getting off the bus at Mashiko Station.

Customers who bought the course including the Highway Bus ticket,please just show the bus driver your tour reservation confirmation (print-out or screenshot).

14) After you got off the bus, please go into the “Information Center” building. We have our tour desk set up in the back of the building on the left side, so please come there and register.