About Bicycle

Information about electric bicycle with front suspension


It is the greatest pleasure to explore the rural areas of Mashiko while cycling and enjoying the pleasant breeze on your skin.

Every season gives you the possibility of a completely different experience: the landscape of cherry blossoms and freshly grown rice plants in spring, sunflower fields and idyllic landscapes in summer, cosmos flower fields as well as a golden, romantic scenery in autumn and in winter the seasonal romance of the landscape with clear air and a view to the Nikko Mountains.

The bicycles that we provide are from Panasonic (Hariya model). With electrical support and front wheel suspension, you can easily drive up slopes and mountain roads.

In the meantime, let our tour guides inform you about Japanese culture and agriculture. We wish you a pleasant time and hope you’ll enjoy yourself.


Tire size26×1.90HE
Adaptive heigt150cm~185cm
Number of gears7 bicycles
Production country

Electric assist

The electric assist has three different levels: the power mode, in which the battery lasts up to 45 km, the automatic mode, in which about 54 km are possible and the long-distance mode, which can be used for about 73 km.

The switch for operation is easy to see and shows the remaining battery power, mileage and runtime.

Front suspension

The main point of this electric bike is the front suspension. It has a locking mechanism that, when applied, ensures that you can ride firmly.

n the other hand, the unlocking dampens bumps on the road while driving and thus reduces damage to the bicycle.

Comfortable tire size

The tire has a comfortable size of 26 inches, which makes it easy to ride.

In addition to that, the thickness of the tires is 26×1.90HE which helps you easily navigate through step stones in the city.